Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tiger Woods 2005

one of the reasons i love sports games (besides that i love sports and
love winning games) is that you can play them over and over so much.
for example, i just beat metal gear solid 2 in 5 days. i actually ran
through it again on easy, trying to go as quick as possible, and i may
never play it again.

but with nfl or college basketball, it doesn't get old winning
championships because you're not playing the same "level with
programmed enemies". but even with franchises where you draft players
and they retire and you have to sustain winningness, ultimately once
you win the superbowl, there isn't that much to do...and you could win
a superbowl in a week or 2 of playing time.

now to tiger woods. it has the best of both worlds. it has the
replayability of a sports game, you can play on the pga tour and try
and win tournaments and get to the top of the money list.

but it also has as much of a progression (like levels) as a metal gear game.

plus there are so many modes for single and multiplayer, plus the most
advanced create a player feature ever. so it's pretty good. oh yeah,
and you swing with the analog stick, so you feel like you are swinging
as opposed to clicking a strengh meter or something.

check out all these features:

obviously you can unlock more real golfers and real courses.
play legends like jack nicklaus and their challenges (chip-ins, insane
long putts)
customize holes and compile a dream 18 course.
you have to play the legends to get money and coins. you use coins to
customize courses. and money to upgrade your player and buy stuff from
pro shop. the stuff looks cool, but also helps you (hat gives you
luck, shoes better swing)
skill competiton with target practice in crazy places (city rooftop/canyon)
real time events (you can only play them on that day - based on the ps2 clock)
win you have a big putt or shot to make, you can hear a heartbeat and
the controller shakes

and what's really cool: battle golf.

it's for 2 players. every hole that you win, you get to take a club
from the other persons bag. (everything except the putter is fair) so
if i win the first hole, and take your driver (biggest club) then when
you tee off on the second hole, the biggest club you have is the 3
wood. and if you win that, you could take your driver back, or take my
pitching wedge so i have a worse approach.