Saturday, May 19, 2012

nhl 11 screenshots

My current go-to free time activity is playing though the GM mode on NHL 11. I took over the Avalanche and made some free agent signings and trades to make the best team I could. 

Here's my first line center getting a hat trick in the final two minutes of the game. It was 2-2 with two minutes to go and Marleau breaks the tie, adds another, and then gets the empty netter. 

And then this just happened last night. My team is something like 64-8-1 as the season winds down. I clinched the 1st seed before any other teams clinched a playoff spot. So I was pretty surprised when the Maple Leafs came in to my building and got up 5-0 on me, the largest deficit I'd ever faced. 

I managed to get three in the second period, including a Duchene goal with 26 seconds left in the period.

With 9 minutes to go, I tied the game. And got the game winner with a shorthanded goal with 6 to play. 6-5 win.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Don't have TNT so I can't watch the Nuggets game 7 tonight. Which will bring my Nugget live game total for the year

So I haven't jumped on the Nuggets bandwagon. But I don't have any other NBA teams so it would be nice to see Denver advance.

Friday, May 04, 2012


Not only did MCA rap, but he directed all of these videos under the best pseudonym ever: Nathanial Hörnblowér. When I was 14 the Beastie Boys were the coolest thing ever. They still kinda are.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

a wunderstrike!

When this gets taken down you can see it here.

Denver BBQ Recap Update

In the last few months I've been to three more barbecue places in Denver. I've been writing full reviews on yelp, since that's where I've been doing all my restaurant reviews. But I wanted to update the full BBQ record. I've linked to my yelp reviews.

Brothers, carryout, Greenwood Village (2/18/12): B
Boney's, eat-in, Denver (3/9/12): B+
Yazoo, eat-in, Denver (4/12/12): A-

Notably, Yazoo raised their grade by a full letter since last year.

For The Record:
Gates, eat-in, Overland Park (11/22/10): A+
Arthur Bryant's, eat-in, Kansas City (4/21/10): A+
Gates, eat-in, Overland Park (2/13/09): A+
Jack Stack, eat-in, Overland Park (11/21/10): A
Jack Stack, carryout, Overland Park (10/6/07): A
Gates, stadium, Arrowhead (10/7/07): A
Yazoo, eat-in, Denver (4/12/12): A-
Concessions, eat-in, Arrowhead (11/21/10): A-
Gates, eat-in, Kansas City, Kansas (6/4/11): A-
Jabo's, eat-in, Denver, (12/1/10) A-
Oklahoma Joe's, eat-in, Overland Park (10/6/07): A-
Oklahoma Joe's, eat-in, Kansas City (4/23/10): A-
Corky's, eat-in, Memphis (5/24/08): A-
Carsons, eat-in, Chicago (2/7/09): A-
Jack Stack, carryout, Overland Park (2/13/09): A-
Smokehouse BBQ, eat-in, Overland Park (2/14/09): A-
Boney's, eat-in, Denver (3/9/12): B+
Zarda: eat-in, Blue Springs (6/10/11): B+
Smoke Daddy, eat-in, Chicago (5/23/09): B+
Rum Boogie Cafe, eat-in, Memphis (5/25/08): B+
Brothers, carryout, Greenwood Village (2/18/12): B
Neely's, eat-in, Memphis (5/25/08): B
Yazoo, eat-in, Greenwood Village (6/9/11): B-
Famous Dave's, eat-in, Peoria (11/26/10) B-
LC's, eat-in, Kansas City (4/24/10): B-
Blues City Cafe, eat-in, Memphis (5/24/08): C