Saturday, September 29, 2007

big ten win!

Illinois is off to it's best start in the conference in 16 years! Sure it's only 2-0, but still.

Also, the espn video is a pain in the ass to embed, but it was worth it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

the d. bowe show

Memo to the rest of the NFL: Get used to Bowe lighting you up!

Memo to the Chiefs: Put Bowe on one side, Sippio on the other!

Hoagie Central's Giant Fucking Lock of the Week: Week 4

This Week's GFLW: Patriots -7

I'm really surprised that this line isn't double digits. The Pats have dominated everyone, and the Bengals got beat by the Browns. Explain how the Bengals defense keep the Patriots under 38.

Previous GFLW's (2-1)
Week 1: Steelers at -4.5 = Win by 27

Week 2: Bengals at -7 = Lose by 6
Week 3: Chiefs at -2.5 = Win by 3

my fantasy team stinks

Could I have more guys injured? Actually, yes. Vernon Davis is on the bench, he's so injured. And yet I'm starting half of my team with Ambulance logos.

Also, Brees is on the bye, so at least he won't put up negative points for me this time. Sigh.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the funniest forecasts for the bears

Now that the Bears have listened to the fans/media/world and benched Grossman, I would revel in the following hilarious situations:

Griese comes into the game and throws a pick six on the first play against the Lions. After all the bitching and chanting to put in Griese, what will the fans do when they realize he's not any good either?

Or similiarly, Griese plays well against the Lions, tricks the fans into thinking he is their Super Bowl savior, and then sucks it up down the stretch, missing the playoffs.

After leading the Bears through the playoffs, Griese tears his ACL while winning the NFC Championship and is out for the year. Who do they start in the Super Bowl? Do they go back to the shattered confidence of Wrecks Grossman or the drunken, neck-bearded Orton. (He'll always have a neck beard to me).

Griese leads the Bears to a mediocre 7-9 for the next 5 years, while Grossman goes to Miami/Minnesota/Atlanta and becomes the second coming of Brett Favre.

Griese leads the Bears to a 12-4 season. However, just like Carson Palmer, he gets knocked out on the first play of the playoffs, the Bears lose the game and Griese is out until 2009. Your starting QB for the 2008 Chicago Bears? Rex Grossman!

are you teasing me?

This is a new feature, picking football teaser bets. This was something that took me a while to figure it out, so I'll explain it thoroughly.

A two-team teaser pays the same as betting one game against the spread. The trick is that you get to move the point spread 6 points in your favor on both games. The catch is that both teams have to cover the adjusted spreads, to win the teaser.

Of course, because I'm going to make things more complicated then need be, I'm going to make the first one a 3-team, 6-point teaser, that pays nearly 2-1. (+180)

Gamble-Tron 2000 Shoe-In Teaser of the Week®:
Patriots -1 over Bengals
Cowboys -6.5 over Rams
Chiefs +17.5 over Chargers

So I'm putting an imaginary 100 bucks on this, hoping to win 180 if they all come through. But if one of them doesn't, say the Rams only losing by 6, then I lose the entire 100 bucks.

Week 4 Picks: I don't like any of these picks

Ravens -4.5 over Browns
Raiders +4.5 over Dolphins
Bears -3 over Lions
Texans -2.5 over Falcons
Packers -1.5 over Vikings
Bills +3.5 over Jets
Cowboys -12.5 over Rams
Bucs +3 over Panthers
49ers +2 over Seahawks
Chiefs +11.5 over Chargers
Steelers -6 over Cardinals
Broncos +9.5 over Colts
Giants +3 over Eagles
Patriots -7 over Bengals

I wasn't sleeping on Schaub

As noted here, over two years ago, I was always high on Schaub as a QB and thought they should have plays with Schaub and Vick on the field at the same time. But did they listen to me? Noooooooooooo.

And now what do they have?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

rugby is awesome

Here's a highlight video of the New Zealand National Team "The All Sippios"

Why couldn't rugby become more popular than futbol and football, worldwide? It looks friggin' sweet. Here's top ten highlights from the 03 World Cup.

are the chiefs a legitimate sleeper team? point/counterpoint

Point: Of Course!

The Chiefs got off to a slow start losing to Houston and Chicago, but Houston is not the cellar dweller they've always been. Furthermore, those games were on the road, without star DE Jared Allen, and featuring a rusty Larry Johnson. LJ will get back on track and the defense is a lot better than people think:

They are currently 4th in the league is fewest yards allowed and 4th in most sacks - 10 in 3 games and 5 on Sunday with Jared Allen back. This defense is going to keep them in games and as they incorporate Dwayne Bowe and Larry Johnson, the offense will better than they have been.

Also, the rest of the division is struggling. Oakland barely beat the Browns, the Broncos have some lucky wins, and the Chargers are falling apart. Their next 6 games include 4 at home and Oakland on the road. This team could easily be looking at 5-4 after that stretch.

Counterpoint: Not A Chance in Hell!

Larry Johnson will never get back on track with one of the worst offensive line's in the league. They'll lose on the road against a hungry San Diego team and while the Jags have a week off to prepare for their Week 5 game at Arrowhead.

The could barely beat the Vikings starting Kelly Holcomb at quarterback and were embarrassed by the Texans and Bears.

The Chiefs have a better shot at a top draft pick then making the playoffs. They'll be lucky to get 6 wins all year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

mute math - "typical"

you've got to see this


the pitch 25 seconds in is sick

Nasty Wiffle Pitcher - Watch more free videos

07 Picks: Week 3 Recap - How Does She Do It? / Mark Sucks

Week 3
Dave: 7-6-3 = Up $20
Mark: 3-10-3 = Down $140
Sports Guy: 6-7-3 = Down $20
Sports Gal: 7-6-3 = Up $20

On the Season
Dave: 24-18-6 = Up $120
Mark: 16-26-6 = Down $200
Sports Guy: 23-19-6 = Up $80
Sports Gal: 27-15-6 = Up $240

Monday, September 24, 2007

i'm in this clip

This is Hey Mercedes playing a reunion show at the Metro. And you can see me at the end of the clip from :30 remaining to :25 remaining. I'm wearing a green shirt and have my glasses on am directly to the right of the mic stand, and over the right shoulder (left in the video, his right) of the guy wearing the black t-shirt and orange hat.

Hoagie Central's Monday Morning Bonerjam NFL Jumbalaya

Since TMQ decided to puss out and not include a tidbit from every nfl game, I guess I'll have to fill in. (Although to be fair, it's hard to cover all the games and get under ESPN's limit of 100 GB of html data when you devote 12 paragraphs to Battlestar Galactica and how more people should be Christian.)

I think it's clear, the quarterback of the future for the Cardinals is Kurt Warner. Right now, they've got to go with Leinart, but keep developing this Warner kid, and maybe in a couple years he can win the starting job.

After setting the touchdown record last year, Tomlinson is trying to set the record for most fantasy football owners cursing his name. 62 rushing yards? If I wanted 62 rushing I would have drafted Najeh Davenport with the #1 overall pick.

In Tampa Bay it was obvious that the Rams are a playoff team, but ran into the Super Bowl favorite Buccaneers.

If the Steelers can start the season 4-0 against Cleveland, Buffalo, San Fran and Arizona next week, it's time to start booking Super Bowl hotel rooms.

Kitna threw for 65 more passing yards then McNabb. So why is everyone all excited about McNabb? Probably because he's black. I guess the media is giving black quarterbacks the benefit of the doubt.

Ronnie Brown has a 38 point fantasy day and Trent Green throws for 300 yards. With numbers like that, no one can beat them.

Tom Brady is a jerk. He's totally hogging all the touchdowns so Maroney can't get any. It's almost as if Tom drafted himself in his Boston Douchebag league. Does any one else think it's fishy that the Patriots have scored 38 points in every game this year? At this point, I think they're just fucking with us.

The Chiefs's defense was sparked by the return of Jared Allen, a monster pass rusher. Herm Edwards told him to imagine Kelly Holcomb was holding the last beer in the stadium.

The Colts win by 6, just as Vegas predicted. The Texans would have won, if they could have gotten more out of the best running back in the league, Ahman Green.

During the Bengals' loss, Carson Palmer was seen yelling at his defense to just "hurry up and let them score a touchdown, so we can get a touchdown with a 2-point conversion." Also, this makes perfect sense: Rudi Johnson 17 attempts for 9 yards, Kenny Watson 9 attempts for 60 yards and a score.

Oakland pulls the call a timeout at the last second trick, the same one that defeated them last week. It's scary how close the Browns were to a winning record.

The Jaguars had three times as many rushing yards as the Broncos. Also, the game winning score was a 18 yard field goal for John Carney. I'm surprised he made it, considering he has trouble with kicks from that distance:

The Giants beat the Redskins proving that even rivalry games that are close at the end, aren't very interesting to watch.

The Panthers beat the Falcons, relying on their star receiver, #87 Jeff King, who led the team with 56 yards and a score.

I think the reason the Cowboys took the damn field, is because the Bears are who they thought they were. Considering Grossman has the longest consecutive start streak for Chicago quarterbacks in over ten years, it's just a shame they don't have the talent around him to win. He's out there, being sexy, throwing the long ball, and he team keeps letting him down. So much for that vaunted Chicago defense. Way to give up 34 points.

And here's a tidbit about a game that hasn't even been played yet:

Just another reason to love fantasy football--walking down the hall of my office and hear a stranger say "Unless Drew Brees throws 600 yards and 9 touchdowns, I'm screwed."

(also, I'm just saying, if you throw for 600 yards and don't get any touchdowns, I think you should still get more than 24 points. Whatever.)

chiefs' game balls

In this rebuilding year, I vowed to try and not care about the losses, and revel in the wins as much as possible. (This is in stark contrast, to say the last two years, where a win would merely provide relief and a loss would ruin my day.)

That said, who deserves credit for Sunday's win over the Vikings?

Hon. Mention: Dave Rayner

This might get overlooked, but he hit two field goals, including a 49-yarder. If he misses that and the Chiefs don't get any points out of that drive, who knows if they're able to come back and score a touchdown. This from a guy who came in to replace the struggling Medlock.

Counting down, #3: The Defense

The Vikings only completed half of their passes. The Chiefs D forced and recovered a fumble, and added 5 sacks. Vikings on 3rd down? 4/15. But we wouldn't have won if the Vikings 2nd half possessions didn't look like this:

End of Game.

#2: Dwayne Bowe

It's no secret the offense is struggling. But Dwayne Bowe stepped up and made catches that I haven't seen Chief's receivers make. Ever. 5 catches for 71, plus the game winning touchdown, and I'd say everyone is pretty happy with the draft pick, and forgot about that whole holdout thing. As you can see in the picture above, Bowe made a really good play to go up and get the ball and take it away from the defense. Wow.

#1: Me

If it wasn't for me creating and wearing this exclusive D-Bowe jersey, there's no way the Chief's win. If only I had thought of it before the Bears game.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

the eagles are on pace to win 105-21

After 20 minutes of play, they've got 317 yards. That's a pace of 951.

Also, Kevin Curtis who had 2 fantasy points last week, already has 36.

Fantasy Analysis: Curtis has managed just six receptions for 71 yards in two games. For now, he only deserves a look as a low-end No. 3 or 4 Fantasy receiver or 'flex' option heading into Week 3 against the Lions. He'll likely play on Sunday.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

check out my NEW jersey - not even available in stores

That's right - I've got the first and only Dwayne Bowe Chiefs Jersey. Here's the video clip of his first career touchdown. In fact, it's even autographed:

Previously, in the exact same fucking jersey...

proof that our coach will never be using illegal technology

"First of all, I don't even have the Internet. I wouldn't even know how to use it." - Herm Edwards

Later he added, "You surf to win the interweb! Hello! You don't just surf to just surf. That's the great thing about it. You surf to WIN the INTERWEBS!"

Hoagie Central's Giant Fucking Lock of the Week: Week 3

This Week's GFLW: Chiefs -2.5

This is a risky one, because I'm betting my pride as well as the lock. But I've got my reasons. What do we know about the Vikings? They're 1-1, winning at home over the hapless Falcons, and losing on the road, committing 5 turnovers against the Lions. And both games they've played have been in a dome.

This is the Chiefs first home game, and their first game back with Jared Allen. The Chiefs D is better than people think, and they played two good teams on the road, and kept them reasonably close.

I'm confident the Chiefs can beat anyone at home, and that includes a team lead by Tarvaris Jackson. (Update: Jackson is out, Kelly Holcomb will be starting. Doesn't change a damn thing.)

Previous GFLW's (1-1)
Week 1: Steelers at -4.5 = Win by 27

Week 2: Bengals at -7 = Lose by 6

Week 3 Picks: They're Begging Me to Take the Lions

So that means I should take the Eagles. But I won't.

Colts -6 over Texans
Chiefs -2.5 over Vikings
Bills +16.5 over Pats
Packers +5 over Chargers
Steelers -9 over 49ers
Jets -3 over Fins
Lions +6.5 over Eagles
Cardinals +8 over Ravens
Rams +3.5 over Bucs
Broncos -3 over Jags
Bengals +3 over Seahawks
Browns +3 over Raiders
Panthers -4 over Falcons
Redskins -3.5 over Giants
Cowboys +3 over Bears
Saints -4.5 over Titans

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the chiefs bandwagon...

is totally wide open.

All they need is a driver.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

07 Picks: Week 2 Recap

Week 2
Dave: 9-6-1 = Up $60
Mark: 5-10-1 = Down $100
Sports Guy: 10-5-1 = Up $100
Sports Gal: 11-4-1 = Up $140

On the Season
Dave: 17-12-3 = Up $100
Mark: 13-16-3 = Down $60
Sports Guy: 17-12-3 = Up $100
Sports Gal: 20-9-3 = Up $220

Things are looking familiar.

Monday, September 17, 2007

the bears are who I thought they were

Although I was thinking it at the time, it wasn't until I perused the play-by-play, that I saw how many chances the Chiefs had.

1st 0-0, 4th and 2 at CHI 42 -- punt
1st 0-0, 4th and 1 at KC 46 -- punt
2nd 0-14, 4th and 1 at KC 40 -- punt

4th 10-20, fleaflicker touchdown nullified by penalty
same drive, at CHI 30 -- field goal blocked
4th 10-20, 3rd and 1 at CHI 16 -- pass to endzone, picked off

Credit Chicago for the blocked field goal and the great interception, but blame the Chiefs for the shifting penalty and the poor playcalling for 3 scaredy-cat punts and a risky pass on 3rd and 1, when you need two scores. Even if LJ got stuffed, a field goal would have made it a 7-point game.

Friday, September 14, 2007

friday's go home email

this is the actual email I received moments ago:

"Hi Team -

All of our deliverables have been met for the day. Have a great weekend! Go Bears!"

It's just a shame this isn't 2003, so I can't reply back with "Go Chiefs".

Hoagie Central's Giant Fucking Lock of the Week: Week 2

This week's GFLW: the Bengals (-7)

It might seem unfair that I'm picking on the Browns, but I'm not the one that is setting the line at only a touchdown. The Bengals beat the Ravens by a touchdown, and now the Browns are supposed to keep them that close? Not until they get a quarterback.

Previous GFLW's
Week 1: Steelers at -4.5 = Win by 27

BREAKING: There's such a thing as bacon salt!

Must. Have. Immediately.

I can't wait to try this. A bacon burger with no added calories from the bacon? Mmmm....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ncaa 2005, yet again

I tend not to write too much about the video games I play, for obvious reasons, but this was too ridiculous not to mention it.

(That corner should have tried to swat.)

So I'm playing NCAA 2005, and I'm Texas. (This is the 04-05 roster--the year that USC/Oklahoma/Auburn went undefeated and Leinart won the Heisman. This is of course a year before Texas would play USC in one of the greatest championship games)

All year I've been winning with defense and a running game led by Vince Young, but with no passing game. Young can't hit wide open receivers, and when he does, they drop it. I averaged giving up 95 yards a game on defense.

So I'm playing Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship...and I'm up 7-0. I get them into a 4th down, but they are on the Texas 38 or so--too long for a field goal, too close to punt. So they go for it. And they throw a pass down the right sideline, I switch to the safety and go to the ball and attempt to pick it off. The receiver catches it in between the corner and safety where there was only a slim window to fit it in. I think if I had attempted to swat, I might have been able to knock it down. Anyways, the receiver catches it and blows past me and is in to tie it up on a 4th down pass.

I end the half with a field goal and regain the lead, 10-7.

On the opening drive of the second half, Nebraska on third down, throws a pass deep on the right sideline. The pass icon indicates it will land on the sideline, but I'm thinking he might be able to get to it anyways. As I approach the ball I'm thinking about the earlier play "just swat it down" -- I don't even realize that he overthrow the receiver by 5 yards.

You already know what happens.

As the safety, as I'm running out of bounds, I swat the pass, and it bounces back in the field of play, right in to the hands of the trailing Nebraska receiver. He's able to take it to the 1 yard line, on a ridiculous third down conversion.

Luckily, I was able to play stout defense and force a field goal attempt and was able to win the game 24-10. But it was one of the more unbelievable plays I've ever seen.

mrs. hoagie central on patriot-gate

On the idea that the Patriots 3 Super Bowl wins might have been helped by stealing signals:
"Hand signals don't win Super Bowls."

Well, now we know that neither fear, nor hand signals will help you win a Super Bowl. By the process of elimination, I hope to unearth the secret to winning Super Bowls by the year 2042.

Also, at this rate, we're only 29:45 away from having enough material for our own version of PTI.

(I wonder who be the one to play the role of Wilbon, and not wear pants? Probably me, since she wears the pants in the relationship.)

Week 2 Picks: Playin' Favorites

Steelers -9.5 over Bills
Bengals -7 over Browns
Colts -7.5 over Titans
Panthers -6.5 over Texans
49ers +3 over Rams
Falcons +10.5 over Jaguars
Saints -3 over Bucs
Lions -3 over Vikings
Cowboys -3.5 over Dolphins
Seahawks -2.5 over Cardinals
Raiders +9.5 over Broncos
Bears -12 over Chiefs
Pats -3 over Chargers
Redskins +7 over Eagles
Jets +10.5 over Ravens
Packers +1 over Giants

BONUS: College lines just for fun.

FIU +33 over Miami
Syracuse +12.5 over Illinois

fantasy sleeper of the week

Bobby Sippio, WR, Chiefs.

Just take a look at his analysis:

Ha! Talk about SLEEPING on him. If he even gets one point this week, he will far outperform expectations. Look at his picture:

He's such a sleeper, they don't even know what he looks like. You better hurry and pick him up while he's still available.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

holy shit, is it 5768 already?

Time flies when you're blowing your shofar!

(Due to Blogger's policy on graphic imagery, I was forced to censor this image.)

the revenge of nora

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

mrs. hoagie central on justin medlock

My wife weighed in on the news that the Chiefs cut rookie kicker Justin Medlock after missing a 30-yard field goal in Week 1.

"That doesn't create a good culture for football players." She added "fear doesn't win championships."


Edge: dave over german by 1
Actual: german over dave by 21

Edge: rish over rishi by 5
Actual: rishi over rish by 1

Edge: anish over craig by 1
Actual: anish over craig by 43

Edge: mark over matt by 6
Actual mark over matt by 33

Edge: burnsy over miguel by 3
Actual: burnsy over miguel by 55

Edge: kirat over chris by 8
Actual: kirat over chris by 60

Results: This week the edge was 4-2, but the results were blowouts, not the close games predicted by the edge. It's too early to say, but the edge doesn't look that helpful as a predictor.

07 Picks: Week 1 Recap

Week 1
Dave: 8-6-2 = Up $40
Mark: 8-6-2 = Up $40
Sports Guy: 7-7-2 = Even
Sports Gal: 9-5-2 = Up $80

I hate pushes. Oh well, at least we started up. (As always, $20 per game, no Vegas commission)

There was only one game (Broncos) in which the favorite won but did not cover.

Monday, September 10, 2007

chiefs vs lions

Dating back to the year I met Mark:

2006: Chiefs 9-7, Lions 3-13
2005: Chiefs 10-6, Lions 5-11
2004: Chiefs 7-9, Lions 6-10
2003: Chiefs 13-3, Lions 5-11
2002: Chiefs 8-8, Lions 3-13
2001: Chiefs 6-10, Lions 2-14

And this is the year I bet the Chiefs will be better than the Lions?

Lions 1-0, Chiefs 0-1

Home Team Challenge Week 1 Wrap

After suffering through the Chiefs, this was about the only thing that could cheer me up:

Kirat currently has first, despite pulling a Burnsy and starting a TE that's not playing.
Burnsy and I could pass as we both have RB's tonight: McGahee and Gore respectively.
Rishi has Housh tonight and Matt also has McGahee.
And Mr. 3Peat is going to be in last by a healthy margin. Not that he can't or won't come back, but it's a nice start to the season.

when a loss is more than a loss

Sure, I'll be there in Week 5, rooting on the red and gold, but that aside...

The Chiefs' season is essential over. There wasn't too much hope before the season, but there was just a sliver that maybe if the defense is really improved that maybe KC could be this year's sleeper team. But no...

There are teams out there that lost, but showed enough potential that you can't count them out: Saints, Bears, Jags...

There are teams out there that lost and suffered injuries, so who knows if they can rebound: Rams, Giants...

And there are the teams that you thought were going to stink, and they stunk, and you don't have much hope at all for: Chiefs, Bucs, Browns.

The Chiefs are going to get whooped by the Bears next week, open their season at home against the Vikings (which look a lot better than expected) and then go on the road to San Diego. Their road games are almost sure losses and smart money says they'll be 0-4.

- - -

On the one hand, I suppose it's not as crushing if I know it's coming. But it does take a little air out of the football season. When there's only one team in your life (no baseball or basketball team) and they stink...sigh.

But that's why there's fantasy, and the whole league in general. And wasn't it cool to see Randy Moss become the second coming of Randy Moss? Even if I didn't have him.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Hoagie Central "Giant Fucking Lock of the Week"

This week's GFLW is the Steelers.

They've won 13 of 14 against the Browns and who's the Browns quarterback? If this was Week 8, the line would be Steelers -13. But it's Week 1, and Vegas isn't quite sure what to think about anyone. But trust me the Steelers are going to cover the measly 4.5.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Report: Hoagie Central has been linked to HGH

In what can only be described as a stunning development, the New York Daily News is reporting that Hoagie Central received a 12-month shipment of HGH in March 2007. This raises all kinds of questions about all the sports blogs out there...who can you trust anymore? Sources close to Hoagie Central are saying that the HGH was only used behind the scenes, in the template and hardware, and that it did not contribute to the stellar writing. But that won't stop the questions from being asked.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

NFL Week One: Open Thread

Just in time for kickoff, here's a place where we can comment all weekend about the games your fantasy picks or whatever you want.

For the Home Team Challenge, these are my guys:

Schaub, Matt QB HOU 42
Alexander, Shaun RB SEA 53
Gore, Frank RB SF 41
Johnson, Andre WR HOU 29
Harrison, Marvin WR IND 39
Gonzalez, Tony TE KC 24
Vinatieri, Adam K IND 28
Steelers, DST DST PIT 42

And here are Mark's picks:

Manning, Peyton QB IND 79
Parker, Willie RB PIT 39
Jackson, Steven RB STL 63
Brown, Reggie WR PHI 26
Williams, Roy WR DET 32
Daniels, Owen TE HOU 12
Nugent, Mike K NYJ 21
Redskins, DST DST WAS 28

Here's to a good season.

And Addai goes down on the first play! Wow.
And then Harrison gets me a touchdown and Mark gets it for Manning too.

does the edge matter? provides a breakdown of expectations for players and is able to make predictions for fantasy matchups. but how accurate are they?

Here are the week 1 edges:

dave over german by 1
rish over rishi by 5
anish over craig by 1
mark over matt by 6
burnsy over miguel by 3
kirat over chris by 8

I'll resist the temptation to lay $20 bucks on Hoagie Middle East (-6).

bs report

After listening to Adam Carolla be a guest on Simmons' podcast for the second time, I've come to the conclusion that I like the Sports Guy's podcasts, but I would much prefer Adam Carolla's podcasts.

P.S. I think in the Kimmel podcast they were joking about how in the early days of the Kimmel show, when they didn't have a guest ready, they just brought out Carolla. I guess some thing's don't change.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

nfl coverage across the pond

I couldn't really be any more excited for the start of football season. And I'm not the only. The BBC has an article, and it's pretty interesting just to note the differences:
"defence" "3 February" and "semi-final" instead of NFC Championship game.

Eh. This post sucks. I'm just excited.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

new nfl logo

When I heard the idea, I thought it was ridiculous. How can they change such a great logo, I scoffed.

But...I actually like it. The football is better, the stars are better, and while the letters are a little jarring, I think it was time for the old L to go. I kinda prefer the old F, but overall I think it's a nice change. It won't take effect until the 08 Draft...not sure why they revealed it now.

football picks: back and better than ever

All lines for the year will be through

Saints +6 over Colts
Texans -3 over Chiefs
Broncos -3 over Bills
Steelers -4.5 over Browns
Titans +6.5 over Jags
Rams -1 over Panthers
Eagles -3 over Packers
Falcons +3 over Vikings
Redskins -3 over Dolphins
Pats -6.5 over Jets
Seahawks -6 over Bucs
Chargers -6 over Bears
Lions +1.5 over Raiders
Cowboys -6 over Giants
Ravens +2.5 over Bengals
49ers -3 over Cardinals

Sunday, September 02, 2007

recent comments added

Thanks to this site, it was really easy to install a recent comments widget:

college football youtube doubleheader