Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The War Across The Shore: Midwest vs Mid-East

It's Week 9!

Time for the most anticipated matchup in the history of football. It's a rematch from Construda Super Bowl I and here's the edge pre-waiver wire:

Both teams are 5-3 and in the playoff hunt. Mark has faced the more difficult schedule, but still faces a tougher road to the playoffs as he's still 2 games behind the division leader. Mark's got the receivers. I've got the running backs. Game On!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Time to Celebrate!

Burger Standings
Chiefs 1-6
Lions 0-7

If this is how the Lions celebrate, I'd hate to see how they ignore tradition.

The Falcons, 49ers and Texans were the easy games on the Lions schedule and they've already happened. There isn't a game remaining that you would give the Lions a good chance to win, but I bet the win at least 1.

However, there is a very good chance that the Chiefs win this bet 2 wins to 1.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pigskin Pick'em

Mark and are using ESPN's Pigskin Pick'em to pick all the games against the spread. And he's actually doing better in this format than ever before. Here's a quick check in before week 8. We've played 102 games.

On the Season
Dave: 50-52 = Down $40
Mark: 54-48 = Up $120
Sports Guy: 52-47-3 = Up $100
Sports Gal: 50-49-3 = Up $20

I'm not worried. Starting in week 5, I've increased my total each week by 2. This week: 10.

one way to make a name for yourself

This really has nothing to do with the election, it's just a sad state of how desperate people can get. I saw the story first on Drudge Report, and sure enough later it was on Fox News main page and on the CNN Politics page. The CNN story led me to http://sarahsarmy.blogspot.com/ where I found this:

Ashley Todd became a hot name. In the top ten of Google Trends:

Her twitter feed was found, with before and after tweets:

She got the attention that she wanted:

But then the truth came out. And this probably wasn't what she was going for:

Which led to some funny comments (although my favorite is still the exchange from Jay and M above):

To reiterate this means nothing for McCain or Obama. I'm not going to try and make a connection, that this is a metaphor for the McCain campaign or anything. I just can't help but think how sad it is, that someone thought they could make up something like this. And if she really does have psychological issues, I do feel bad for her. But next time you carve yourself in the mirror, don't make it a backwards B.

on gambling

This story inspired this post.

A man put $100 on the Rays to win the WS last year at 250 to 1. That's $25,000.

Marger's Scenario
Rays Win= +25,000
Phillies Win= -100

That's very interesting.

But the last line of the article says that if the Phillies win, he has a bet that will give him $3000. Research shows that Vegas had the Phillies at +$1.15, meaning if you bet 100, you'll win $115.

So, for this example I'll take him at his word and say he put $2,608 on the Phillies.

Marger's New Scenario
Rays Win: +25,000 -2608 = +22,392
Phillies Win: +3,000 -100 = +2,900

That's a win-win.

Obviously, the best case scenario after you placed the first bet is win 25,000. But what if you wanted the safest scenario?

All you'd have to do is put $11,674 on the Phillies to win.

Safest Scenario
Rays Win: +25,000 -11674 = +13,326
Phillies Win: +13,426 -100 = +13,326

So what would you do?

I certainly would rather have this:

Marger's New Scenario
Rays Win: +25,000 -2608 = +22,392
Phillies Win: +3,000 -100 = +2,900

than this:

Marger's Scenario
Rays Win= +25,000
Phillies Win= -100

But I'd probably wouldn't go as far as the safest scenario. I might go ahead and put like 4000 or 4500 on the Phillies to hedge my bets a little more though.

1000th post

I wanted to find the saddest balloons I could. Cue the sound of a kazoo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Joe The Plumber

I'm Joe the Plumber because I live in a pro-America part of America.

I'm Joe the Plumber because I'm too stupid to read a tax chart and realize that unless my family makes more than 110,000 I would be paying higher taxes with McCain then with That One.

I'm Joe the Plumber because in this recession, I 'm voting for someone who admits he still needs to be educated about the economy.

That's why I'm voting for McCain/Palin.

Oh and I think the guy with 7 houses and 13 cars is just like me, Joe the Plumber.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wacky Construda

Burnsy 4-2 vs MurphMan 1-5

So after the 3pm games the score was:

Murphman 61
Burnsy 38

But Murphman only had Braylon Edwards left, and Burnsy had Thomas Jones, Jennings, Driver, Houston D and Houston Kicker. Surely Burnsy could scrape up enough points.

Well at some point when Houston's D still had lots of points from keeping Detroit scoreless, and Thomas Jones had gotten going, Burnsy took the lead.

At just about 6 pm, with 2:44 remaining in the Cleveland game, on fourth and goal, Joshua Cribbs scores for the Browns. Which gives Edwards the opportunity to catch a 2-point conversion pass, giving Murphman 2 fantasy points to end with 68.

Meanwhile, in Houston, Orlovsky connects to Megatron for a 96-yard touchdown (wait for it) with 2-point conversion. When the Lions add a 54-yard field goal they cross the 21 point threshold, deducting 2 more points from Burnsy's total. Oh and those 96 yards, subtracted 4 points from the Houston defense.

Once that game is over, Burnsy is losing 64-68.

But he has hope. Thomas Jones has 128 rushing yards and the Jets just went into overtime. If he gets 32 yards that gives him 4 points (fantasy tie) or 42 yards for the win. Would you believe on the 2nd play of the 3rd Jets possession in overtime, Jones runs for 10 yards for a overtime total of 33! Burnsy is now tied 68-68. On the next play, Jones loses two yards, the Jets punt and Burnsy loses by a point. Unbelievable.

This makes up for the Marion Barber incident.

A recap of everything that had to happen for Burnsy to lose this game:
  • The Browns get a TD on 4th down, so Edwards gets a Re2P (+2)
  • Frerotte throws 4 picks (-8)
  • Barber fumbles (-2)
  • Jennings and Driver combine for 6 points and no TDs even though the Packers scored 34.
  • Vernon Davis gets 5 receiving yards.
  • His kicker got 4 XP but no field goals.
  • The Lions got a 96 yard pass play (-4) that added 8 points (-2) and then got a 54-yard field goal (-2)
  • And my personal favorite, Thomas Jones gets to 161 rushing yards, before losing 2, to end with 159 and 15 points.

In non-Burnsy wackiness, Matt was robbed of an Orton PaTD when Desmond Clark fumbled on the 1. Matt's receiver, Rashied Davis recovered the ball in the endzone and was credited with a OFRTD, but didn't recieve any points for it.

It doesn't matter because Mark went bananas even though his 3 receivers combined for only 10. And I'm going to win even though I have 2 receivers that didn't catch any passes.

Board Update

Current Board Standings: Mark 1, Dave 0.

Does Tomlinson finish the year as a top 10 RB?
Mark: no, Dave: yes
Currently 14th

Does Peyton finish the year as a top 3 QB?
Mark: no, Dave: yes
Currently 12th

More TD's this year?
Mark: Colston, Dave: Croyle
Colston 0, Croyle 0 (out for season)

Combined Chiefs and Lions wins over/under 7.5
Mark: under, Dave: over
1 (played 12 of 32 games)

More fantasy points this year?
Mark: Portis, Dave: any rookie RB
(void if Portis doesn't make 15 starts)
Portis 122, Forte 103, Turner 94, Johnson 81, Slaton 78

Currently all are leaning Mark, and the only ones I think I have a chance in are Portis, LT, and maybe Peyton. Looks like I need to put some more on the board!

The Worst Burger Bet in History

Brodie Croyle with a 90% completion rate? And the Chiefs held the Titans to only 123 yards passing? WOW! GO CHIEFS!

Wait, what did you say? The Titans ran for 332. And Croyle is out for the year after injuring himself in both games he's played in this year, and he's yet to win a game in the NFL. Oh. Fuck.
It's time to throw in the towel on Croyle. Maybe he could be a good quarterback if the other team promises not to hit him. The Chiefs are terrible. They must be the worst team in the league.

Oh, what's that you say? The Detroit Lions are offended?

Look at the way they start games:

Week 1: Falcons 21, Lions 0.
Week 2: Packers 21, Lions 0.
Week 3: 49ers 14, Lions 0.
Week 4: Bye.
Week 5: Bears 31, Lions 0.
Week 6: Vikings 2, Lions 0. (Running out of your own endzone.)
Week 7: Texans 21, Lions 0.

That's a combined total of 110-0 in 7 games. Of course in 2 of these games the Lions came back and took the lead. Don't worry, they've lost all 6.

This, my friends, is pitiful.

Standings: Burger Division
Chiefs 1-5
Lions 0-6

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hoagie Central Endorses Sen. Barack Obama for President

In 2004, I voted for the President of the United States for the first time. Things were different four years ago. Gas was still cheap and the stock market was fine. And Katrina was just a pretty name.

The last time we had a presidential election, it seemed the only issue on the table was the War in Iraq. We had already declared Mission Accomplished, and unearthed a prisoner torture scandal, but the question on the voter's minds was who should best handle the war?

It's almost hard to believe now, but voters actually bought the argument that Bush was the one that got us in, so he should be the one to get us out. I guess it didn't help that Kerry was a flip-flopping, windsurfing liberal from a state that supports gay marriage and that he didn't really deserve any medals of honor.

On November 2, 2004, I voted for John Kerry for President. I wasn't supremely confident in Kerry in a vacuum, but I knew that he would be better than Bush. When we found out that Bush won the election, I cried. Not for Kerry, and not because of Bush. I cried that night thinking about all the Americans that were going to unnecessarily die in Iraq.

I just looked it up. Since 2005, the U.S. death toll in Iraq is 2,853. And we're still not out.

Ever since that day, I've been looking forward to the fall of 2008. I was convinced the silver lining of the W presidency was that America would have to vote a Democrat into the White House. Even back then I was 99% sure that I was going to vote Democratic in 08, based strictly on the issues (not overturning Roe vs. Wade, modifying No Child Left Behind, banning assault weapons, pro net neutrality, gay rights, equal pay for women, universal healthcare, pro environment, pro renewable energy, and anything else I'm forgetting).

But what I didn't know is whether or not I would be excited about voting for the Democratic nominee.

On May 12, 2006, Brittany and I attended a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien in Chicago. The guest was Senator Barack Obama, when there were only rumors of him running for president. I remember thinking how great it would be if he decided to run.

At that point, I could only dream of a president with sound judgment. A man not afraid to think about something and give a nuanced, accurate answer that can still be understood by anyone. A person that can be calm in the face of crisis, and is in fact, the candidate that I most want to see answer the phone at 3 a.m.

It may be difficult for Obama to actually pass all of his plans and be able to pay for them. But I'd rather have a President that has good plans and difficulty passing them, then some one with poor plans and an easy time passing them.

As much trouble as the world is in, and as important as your foreign policy is, I think it's time that we have a president that actually cares about the economy, education and healthcare in our own country. And I think it's plainly clear that Obama not only knows what he's doing in these departments, but he has a vested interest in not forgetting about the middle class. In running his campaign and helping deal with the economic crisis, he's shown that surrounds himself with the best and brightest advisers.

And yet, in foreign policy, it is he that the world needs right now. America needs to show a new face to the world, to signal that we've progressed as a country. That we can be strong and yet diplomatic. We can be a superpower and not bend international policies.

Months ago, critics cited his lack of experience. But the reason experience is valuable, is for the way that it shapes your judgment and prepares you to handle situations. I have no qualms about voting for a man with excellent judgment who is ready to lead.

There were times during the primary when it was whispered that only reason Obama had made it this far was because he was black. And it assuredly has helped him in the African-American community. Yet, this is a country that is less than 13% black. And to win the Presidency he is going to need to win states like Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. There is no doubt in my mind, that all other things being equal right now, with the last 8 years of Bush and the economic crisis, if Obama was white and was as Christian as could be, this race would be out of reach. But that doesn't matter now.

No one in their right mind should be supporting a candidate based on race. This election is too important. This time is too transcendent. We need a president that can pick this country up and get it going in the right direction.

In perhaps the only telling point in any of the 3 presidential debates, the candidates were asked to prioritize three issues: healthcare, energy, and social security. I thought it was a difficult question, because by nature of the question, you have to put something in the least priority slot, and that might be the most important issue to particular voters.

So what happened? McCain went first and said that "We are Americans. We can do everything." He refused to answer the question. Possibly, because he couldn't think on his feet and decide what was important to him. That's rhetoric instead of action, the very thing he loves to criticize Obama for.

Then Obama stepped up and clearly said energy first, then healthcare, and then social security. That they were all important but you have to be able to prioritize. It wasn't so much the answer, but the fact that he was able to actually answer the question. (In fact, I expected him to put healthcare first.)

I've already established that I think John McCain shot himself in the foot with his unqualified choice of a running mate. But I want to make this clear: unlike in 2004, I am not voting against someone. I am voting for someone. And it feels good.

I'm careful with my money. I buy my loaf of bread based on what's on sale that week. And this was the first political campaign that I've ever donated to. I thought it was more important that Obama have my money than I have it.

As I prepare for the day in which I am honored to cast my vote for Sen. Obama, I can't help but think about the results. Of course, I want him to get to 270 electoral votes. But I want more than that. I want a distinct popular vote win. But most of all, I want specific states to turn blue. I want Ohio and Florida, for all the grief they've caused us in the last two elections. I want Kansas City and St. Louis to step up and make Missouri blue. I want Indiana because it's right next door. I want Virginia. And it would be great to get West Virginia too.

This is not about winning an election. This is about restoring the country. And I enthusiastically think that Barack Obama is the man that will do this. At one point when McCain was leading in the polls, I dejectedly decided that if America votes for John McCain that this country deserves what they get with him.

And today, optimistically as ever, I am starting to believe that on November 4th, America will prove that they in fact deserve what they get with Barack Obama.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was born in November 1983. I'm starting to realize that when you are born has a much larger impact on your life.

- - -

I'm trying to remember the music that I was listening to, when I first started listening to music. Not songs from previous generations like Michael Jackson or the Beatles, but rather the songs that were on the radio when I first cared about music.

I guess I peaked late. Sure I listened to music as a kid, but didn't really think about it. I can remember my first albums: Ace of Base, All-4-One, Boyz II Men. I remember songs on the radio and music videos on MTV: Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, Linger by Cranberries.

To me, this feels like an eternity ago. The absolute nadir of my musical knowledge. And yet through the magic of Wikipedia, I've nailed down this was 1994. That summer I was about to turn 11. I didn't know anything about anything. And yet that was only 14 years ago.

That's shocking. I mean, Bush has been president for 8 of those years. It's simply incredible that it's only 14 years ago. In fact, the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game was January 1994.

In 1995, I first heard 311. In 1996, Sublime. This became my foundation of my musical taste. Nirvana's Nevermind came out in 1991. If I had been born in 1978, I might be a completely different person.

By 1997, the boy band movement was in full swing and I was luckily able to avoid it's wrath. I bought my first 311 album, and they are still my favorite band to this day.

In the summer of 1998, I was old enough to think rationally, but young enough that I didn't have to get a summer job. I was 14. I remember wanting to wake up early on weekdays to watch Olbermann and Patrick do SportsCenter. I remember watching the World Cup in the morning and I was into the Beastie Boys new album, "Hello Nasty."

In 1999, I was listening to Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, one day, and Fatboy Slim, Moby the next. At this point, I was only finding out about bands through MTV or the radio. So I heard about Incubus and the Foo Fighters. But then something changed.

In 2000, I still wasn't using the internet to find new bands, but through friends and high school acquaintances, I discovered music that wasn't getting any airplay. This was new. This was exciting.

While getting a ride in someone's car for a school project, I heard New Found Glory's debut album. Rishika and Chris played a new cd by a guy that called himself Dashboard Confessional. Someone else, maybe Ray, played me Alkaline Trio. This was my senior year in high school and it changed what I new about music.

Jack Johnson, Jimmy Eat World, Flickerstick, and the Get Up Kids are just some of the new sounds I got hooked on. I remember falling asleep to the sounds of Dashboard Confessional and Get Up Kids playing on repeat.

I remember the summer of 2001, before I was headed off to college, Ray told me that there was a new album that I had to listen to. My initial reaction was that I had enough CDs right now. (This was the same reaction I had when Burnsy said he wanted to start watching Arrested Development. Of course it became my favorite show of all time.)

Ray was talking about the album "Stay What You Are" by Saves The Day. I took that album to Jamaica later that summer and even though it is now 7 years later, it feels like yesterday.

In college, I found yet more music through word of mouth (The Impossibles, Ozma, The Stereo) and finally caught on to using the internet to discover bands (Brand New, Cartel). I even found Motion City Soundtrack via the local Champaign scene before they became more mainstream.

And since then, I've caught on to The Hold Steady and Against Me. But that fact is that the music I listen to is a direct result of developing my musical preferences in my high school years.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars Highlights

So this is my new game, and these are the highlights from my first online match. The game allows you to record whatever you want and upload it directly to YouTube.

All I need to explain is that this is like soccer, but with cars, that have rockets. It's amazing. This is a 2x2 match, I am the red car that is centered in each shot.

Here's what you're seeing at what times.

:10 I play the ball deep into the corner and knock it in for the first goal. 1-0 Red team.
:28 The ball comes to the middle and a score a goal from some distance. 2-0 Red team.
:34 I make the play of the year on defense. A blue car is headed for an easy goal and I boost out of nowhere to destroy him and then safely clear the ball over the goal. Slow motion replay of that at :43.
:56 I score my third goal of the game with a sweet somersault and we ending up winning 5-3.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I consciously avoided writing too much about politics, mainly because there's plenty of places that are better sources for that sort of thing. But this is a point that I haven't heard made, so I couldn't help it.

- - -

It's been acknowledged that Sen. McCain doesn't know how to use a computer, isn't familiar with email/the internet. The Obama campaign even produced an ad about that that drew criticism, including from Joe Biden.

But this is my point: it's not so much that he doesn't know how to use a computer. It's that he hasn't bothered to learn new things. The world is changing, and I want a president that can keep up. Even my mom learned how to email.

Can I really trust a man to create jobs in the alternative fuels industry, if he's ten years behind the times? Can I trust his ticket to start making progress in the global warming crisis, if they thing the jury is still out on the causes? Can I trust effective leadership relating to stem cell research from someone who doesn't know what a blog is?

I don't care that he doesn't know how to upload a video to YouTube. I care that he isn't prepared for a world where the way things work changes.

We heard all about how the world changes on 9/11. And it did. But it also changed in 1984.

- - -

And then there's her.

It's not just patronizing. It's not just pandering.

It's insulting. And it's dangerous.

We know there are qualified, intelligent women in the Republican Party. If he thought that the only way to win the election was to bring a woman onto his ticket, why did he have to pick her? Someone he had only met once before?

Let me be clear. This is not Sarah Palin's fault. But when you don't know anything about foreign policy or the economy, you claim to be an energy expert just because you govern a state that has oil, and your political strategy is guilt by association and thinking the word "maverick" is a bulletproof vest, you're not qualified to be running for the White House. That's okay, few people are.

Except that it's not okay because it reveals the poor judgment of your running mate. Can Americans trust that he will make strong choices for the Supreme Court, or will he just pick someone to win that week's political battle? Is he going to stock his Cabinet with the smartest, most qualified people available? Or is he going to pick who ever will score him political points?

But this one is a little bit more troubling than the computer issue. Because when you're 72, you have melanoma, and have thousands of pages of medical records that you've basically hidden, the Vice Presidency is not just a figurehead. It's someone who has a realistic chance of being President.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

novel update

Since you asked...

I've learned a lot in the editing process. One of the things that I've learned is that I probably shouldn't have sent out a Save The Date that far in advance.

I have a draft finished. That is not the same as being finished. I'm going through it, as I type, and there's significant work to be done.

For months I had been looking forward to having a novel release party on my birthday. And this week I'm coming to grips with the fact that it might not happen. At least not on November 22nd.

I would need to make the final bulk order by about November 5th, so I've still got a month, but that includes having my editors go through it and printing a test copy. Right now, I'm starting to accept that it would be better to release it at a later date when it's something that I'm 100% proud of, than to release it on time if I know it's not as good as it could be.

This is the most personal, important, and meaningful thing I've ever done. And hopefully when I finish, it will be worth it.

comment of the week

Reality from Wasilla Main Street

"I think we need a little bit of reality from Wasilla Main Street there, brought to Washington, D.C."—Sarah Palin during the VP Debate, Oct. 2, 2008

I was skeptical that there even was a Main Street in Wasilla, but sure enough, there it is. In fact, there's three whole blocks of Main Street, before it turns into Wasilla Fishhook Road on one end and Knik Goose Bay Road on the other.

So what kind of "reality" as she put it, is she going to bring from Main Street in Wasilla. Since apparently Google Streetview hasn't had a chance to make it's way up there, I'm relying on Yelp and Google Maps to find out what's really on Main Street.

Of course, there's the A-1 Pawn Shop.

It doesn't get more real than Donut King.

You can't forget about Christina's Boutique.

There's the trusted services of Mullett Craig DDS.

My personal favorite is Flakey's Wake & Bakery.

But the one that I think will prove to be most helpful, especially with in this economic downturn, is the cleverly named Business Computer Solutions.

I sincerely hope that Sarah Palin is able to log on to the Wasilla computer and download some business computer solutions and bring them to the White House! Because if there's one thing that Washington, D.C. needs to run more efficiently, it's pawn shops, donuts, and places to wake & bake.

first 5k since february

I've been gaining weight all summer/fall, and after running two miles last week, I ran a 5k last night. It was my slowest time ever, but I wasn't worried about the time, just finishing.

5k times:
10.6.08 -- 37:55
2.12.08 -- 36:46
6.24.07 -- 34:15
6.3.07 -- 36:55
5.15.07 -- 37:15

Saturday, October 04, 2008

muck fichigan

For the first time since I became an Illini, Illinois has beaten Michigan in a game of football.

Indeed, for the first time this millennium, the Fighting Illini have beaten the mighty Wolverines.

Not only did they win, the Illini hung 45 on Michigan in the Big House. That's the most that any team has scored there since Florida State put up 51 in 1991 (which is the all-time record for points against MU in Ann Arbor).

Today, Juice Williams became JUICE WILLIAMS. He's been getting people excited for a while, but today was unbelievable. He was the leading rusher: 19 for 121 with two scores on the ground. But it was his passing that stepped it up: 13 completions for 310 and two passing touchdowns.

Did I mention this was the most points Illinois has ever scored against Michigan? This tied the 1924 Red Grange game as the biggest victory for Illinois over Michigan.

And it should have been even better. Up 24-14 in the 3rd and on the Wolverine 45, Williams through a seam pass to Benn. On the 8-yard line, Illinois' Cumberland throws an illegal block that was unnecessary. The Illini end up missing a field goal on the drive. At this point in the game, I was convinced that would be the turning point and that Michigan was going to come back.

But Illinois stepped it up on defense, forcing two key second half fumbles.

Did I mention that the Illini had 501 offensive yards? And Juice had 431 of them? No turnovers. Only 4 penalties. All-around, an amazing team performance.

Sure, you could point out that Michigan is in decline, and has a new coach. And that App. State beat them last year. But that doesn't change the fact that we're talking about the Michigan Wolverines. And that last week they upset the Badgers.

For two years, Illinois was one of the worst football programs in the country, up there with Duke and Temple in the Bottom 10.

And today, Illinois hung 45 on Michigan in the Big House. It doesn't get much better than that. So thanks, Juice. Thanks, Zook.

Did I mention this was Michigan's homecoming?

Friday, October 03, 2008

i make up my own patter

It's been a while. Let's check these receipts and see where I'm at.

Going into Week 3 I had $190.

40$ on a 2-TEAM TEASER (lines teased by 6):
Broncos +.5 over Saints AND Panthers +9.5 over Vikings

The Broncos came through, but the Panthers lost by 10.

40$ on a 3-TEAM TEASER (lines teased by 10):
Seahawks +.5 over Rams AND Lions +13.5 over 49ers AND Pats -2.5 over Fins

The Seahawks won, but the Lions and Pats fell through. Sheesh.

$20 on a LOCK: Falcons -4.5 over Chiefs.

I knew I could count on Tyler Thigpen.

So I lost 80, but got back 20. That puts me at $130 going into week 4, still above where I started.

$75 on a 3-team teaser:

Broncos +.5 AND Cowboys -1.5 AND Eagles +6.5

The Ealges only lost by 4, but Denver and Dallas let me down.

$25 on the Packers +1.5

The Pack lost by 9. Wow.

So now I'm down to $30. I've lost 70 on the season.

That's two weeks of a combined -$160.

So I'm taking out another $100 from the ATM. Teasers seem to be a recipe for disaster.

I like the Pats -3.5 and the Broncos -3.5 and the Titans -3.5.

$30 on each one.