Tuesday, June 12, 2018


It's not very often that an advertising campaign actually gets people talking so I thought I'd weigh in on IHOB. Without actually knowing any inside information, I'm 99% sure I know what happened.

It starts with someone on the client side not even in marketing. They're looking at their numbers and they can see that they're doing okay at breakfast time, but slow down at lunch and dinner. Makes sense, of course. But they want more revenue so they tell their Marketing department to get more people in for lunch and dinner.

Marketing looks at the menu for a minute, and decides why not burgers? They augment this decision with charts of burger sales and think that if we can increase our burger sales even by 1-2%, that's a successful campaign. So they get approval from their bosses. They start working on new burger recipes and then tell their Agency: We need an advertising campaign to sell more burgers.

The creative team goes to a meeting and is told to come up with a campaign to sell burgers. There's a lot of eye-rolling but it is what it is. They were most likely told it's a small budget but they want to get people buzzing.

Creatives go off and come up with a bunch of ideas and this one probably started as a sarcastic joke. Why don't we just change the name to International House of Burgers. And then their partner was like, wait, we could just flip the p to a b. So they present it and everyone agrees this would be a bold thing that could get people buzzing about their burgers. It's a stunt that hasn't been done. And remember, their goal was to get people buzzing about their burgers.

So it all gets approved and they start with a teaser of We're changing our name. The public sees this and starts buzzing. This is bold. People are interested.

And then yesterday, IHOB is revealed. People are roasting them. Because it's really dumb to go to IHOP for burgers.

The creative team did their job. The marketing team on the client side had good intentions. So where did it all go wrong?

They came with a great solution to the wrong problem. The problem is you want more sales. And yes, it's better if they come at lunch and dinner. The problem is not "we're not selling enough burgers." 

If they had come to the creative team with a blank canvas: "let's change our image" so more people come in, that could have worked. Maybe they'd change their meaning to some other interpretation of IHOP, maybe they change it to International House of Brunch, or maybe they come up with food solutions, lean into the international side perhaps. There's lots of solutions to that problem. 

- - -

At they very least, it would make sense if their burgers actually were international. But they're not. Same flavors you've been seeing at Chili's and Red Robin your whole life. So yeah....

- - -

I think International House of Brunch would have been really smart. It's still on-brand, but could appeal to younger audiences, and would have solved the lunch/dinner issue too. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Solutions to Eliminating Kickoffs in the NFL

Kickoffs are the most dangerous play in the NFL. They also happen to be boring and stupid and bad.

Between the extra point and the kickoff that follows, two of the most boring plays happen back to back. I think most fans would be completely fine with just starting the ball on the receiving team's 20 or 25 and be done with it. Except for one thing. The onside kick. In the 4th quarter, being down anywhere from 9 to 16 points doesn't mean the game is completely out of reach. You still have hope your team can score, get the ball back via onside kick and score again. It's unlikely, but you have hope. Hope is good for fans and it's good for the NFL. So we can't just eliminate kickoffs entirely, we need to account for hope.

(Another thing that I enjoy is the surprise onside kick. It was used to great effect to help the Saints win their only Super Bowl. While this is incredible, it's really a perk, not a must-have.)

Option #1: The Schiano Proposal

As detailed here, the kicking team would have a 4th and 15 at their own 30. Most of the time, they would opt to punt. A punt is safer than a kickoff so this an improvement. And it gives teams an opportunity to go for it late in the game. I would argue a 4th and 15 (or even 4th and 10) is more exciting than an onside kick. It even preserves the opportunity for a surprise onside kick throughout the game by performing a fake punt.

Overall, this is a safer option over the current kickoff rules. However, mostly we're just swapping kickoffs for punts. In terms of excitement, it's not a huge difference.

Option #2: Automatic Touchback With Option To Go For It

This would be a simpler version. Instead of a kickoff, the receiving team simply gets the ball at their own 25. No fanfare, no time wasted, just back to the action. However, at any point, the "kicking" team would have the option of taking the ball, let's say on their own 27 facing a 4th and 13. Just like the proposal above, you could in theory never take the ball out of your quarterback's hand, from a touchdown, two-point conversion, 4th down conversion and subsequent final minute drive.

In short, this keeps the spirit of the first idea, sacrificing the ability to have surprise fake punts with the trade off of eliminating 8-10 punts from the game.

Option #3: Automatic Touchback with Field Goal Conversion

Again, this keeps the automatic touchback unless the kicking team wants to attempt an onside kick. This replaces onside kicks with a 60-yard field goal that is worth zero points but a make wins possession. Make the kick get the ball on your own 40. Miss the kick give the other team the ball on your own 30.

This keeps the importance of a kicker and I'm guessing all the kickers would be in favor. Would be interesting if a kicker was feeling great in warm-ups and told the coach let's start the game by going for it....and then it gets blocked or shanked—would be hilarious.

Option #4: A Hail Mary Kickoff

This is something entirely new, so bear with me. Instead of a kickoff, the kicking team gets an untimed down. I'm thinking starting on their own 10, but that's debatable. When an incomplete pass is thrown it becomes equivalent to a punt, where it must be downed by the receiving team for them to take over possession.  However, if the kicking team advances the ball past the 50 they get to keep possession.

Most plays, the QB would just chuck it as far as they could and you'd get to see sort of a skills competition with strategy throughout every game of the season. Who can throw it the farthest? What about in the 4th quarter, are their arms tired? A sack would be huge! The surprise onside kick version is intact and could theoretically be done on every kickoff. Each chance of completing a 4th and 40 is lower than completing a 4th and 13 (or 10 or 15) but even an incomplete 60 yard throw is a decent kickoff. Would also be hilarious for a team (likely coached by Andy Reid) to get cute and try to convert 40 yards with a screen pass.

That's what I've got. If you have any ideas or opinions, leave them in the comments.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The moment Riley from Paris, Texas became a Rock Star

I saw this live and it was incredible. I've set this video to start at the 5:30 mark. At that moment Riley was just a dude at a concert who didn't even know the words. Three minutes later, he was a legitimate rock star. Though I can't be certain, I have a feeling this moment changed his life.

Monday, May 21, 2018


This is a look at the Burnout series of video games. The best thing about Burnout is the takedowns and those were only introduced in the third game, which was the first that I played, so I'm going to start there.

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004 -PS2)

This game was incredible. The best mode was Road Rage where you are just focused on getting takedowns. Here's a nice example. One nice feature was even after you crashed you were able to control your wreck for a second so you could try to take out drivers in your wake. They also had an excellent Crash Mode with levels and multiplier tokens. Road Rage & Crash Mode perfectly done made this game beyond compare.

Burnout Revenge (2005 - PS2)

This game was mostly the same but they introduced "traffic checking" which encouraged you to hit same-way traffic from behind, which previously would have caused you to crash. I felt this took a bit away from the game, making it too easy to drive. Also, they removed the tokens from Crash Mode, so there was less things to aim for. Still, fun road rage and crash mode was mostly intact. The revenge bit was kinda cool, going after anyone who took you out.

Burnout Dominator (2007 - PS2)

They removed traffic checking, which is nice. No tokens in crash mode but overall this was great too. 

Burnout Paradise (2008 - PS3) Remastered (2018 - PS4)

I never played this game until this year. It's totally different from the first three games. It's a mixed bag as they added a lot but something's missing.

First, what's been added. For the first time, free roam driving. Not only that, but a really fleshed out exploration experience. There are jumps to find, billboards and obstacles to smash, tons of hidden areas. It's entirely fun to drive around solving puzzles on the fly of "how do I get up there?" without ever playing an event.

The city itself has a nice variety and is really well done. The game looks great. Road Rage works well (although I do miss being able to control my car after a wreck). I even appreciate the ability to choose the route I want to take in a race, something I've never done. It's fun to take a different route than the opponents and try to beat them there.

The downsides? There's no crash mode. There's a showtime mode where you crash into other cars, but there's no level design. There's no puzzle solving aspect to it. Just bounce into whatever cars appear. Which means every time it's the same. If they had a real crash mode, the game would be a 10 out of 10 for me.

Further, there's not that many types of missions (gone are eliminator races, etc). And 5 times you will upgrade your license and wipe away your progress on specific events. So that feels "grindey" and not well thought out.

Plus, you have to be at the point on the map to trigger an event. So if I fail a Road Rage but have driven across the map in the process, I have to drive back just to try again. A simple replay option would be nice, as would fast travel options. It's fun to drive, but when I want to switch a new car, it's not that great to have to drive more in a car I'm sick of.

Still love the series, just wish there was a better blend of free roam exploration with the events that worked so well before.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Niraj Influenza 2018


Niraj arrived at Kansas City International (confusingly named MCI) Friday evening. We went straight from the airport to making our own six-packs at Lukas. Then we picked up the boys and took them to dinner at Raising Cane's and played some Lego Avengers on PS4. Finished the night off with some Kingdomino and Codenames Duet. We went 0-3 for in Codenames trying to pass the first mission. We also playtested my own board game creation to surprising success. 


It's hot in Kansas City so we had to get out the slip n' slide for the boys, followed by some Mario Kart action. Then Niraj and I went to Q39 for some epic barbecue. Here we hammered out some additional rules to improve my game. 

Right after that, Brit, Niraj and I went to an escape room: National Security at Breakout Park Place. Not only did we escape with 9 minutes left..we set the (monthly) record!

After some victory gelato we got the boys and played basketball in the back yard along with more video games. That evening we headed to the Power and Light District. First stop was No Other Pub, a Sporting KC bar (the name is a riff on the teams' slogan No Other Club.) There we played Shuffleboard and Foosball. 

After games we headed over to Flying Saucer for some good beer and food. It started off great with some free pretzels via yelp and some nice beer choices. In a matter of minutes it turned into a mad libs experience. Dave and Niraj were inside FLYING SAUCER eating a REUBEN listening to SMASH MOUTH while a FIRE ALARM was going off. The alarm strobe light went off for the entire hour we ate our food. Still though...Kansas City: free parking, free shuffleboard, free foosball, free pretzels, free fire alarms. It was the first reuben of my life.


More Nintendo. Then we went to Grant's soccer game. Came back played more mario kart and board games. Lots of games. For our last night, took Burnsy out to Beer Kitchen in Westport. We couldn't decide what to order so we got two sandwiches and split them: Short Rib Grilled Cheese and... the Reuben. Rueben #2 of my life. Beer Kitchen is fantastic...(though they could use a more imaginative name.)

We came back and played one last game of Codenames and we finally beat the first mission on the very last turn with an incredible clue. [Mark = Pedophile]


I had to go to work and Burnsy had to fly out so all we had time for was a lunch at Char Bar. A weekend full of good food, good beer, lots of games and fun times with the kids too.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

2018 Master Kansas City Barbecue List

I'm slimming this document down to just notes so it's easier to navigate. I don't need to document every time I go to Q39, for example.

Previous Years:


Elite Tier

Elite tier is best of the best. You're probably going to have to wait in line.


Mr Burns is a perfect sandwich.
Ribs are 100/100. Half rack of ribs is a great order.
Their brisket is not my favorite. Gotta go ribs or burnt ends.
Ranking of side dishes: mac & cheese is amazing, fries good, potato salad fine, beans not great.


Burnt ends, brisket and sausage all great.
Loved the spicy sauce. Brisket plus sauce on white bread was killer.
Potato casserole probably best side I've ever had in my life.
Fries not that great.
I'd put Slap's brisket ahead of Q39 & Char Bar but their burnt ends below those two spots.

 Great Tier

Even though they're not the top tier, I still enjoy these places and will choose to go here depending on convenience, shorter lines, atmosphere, etc.

Char Bar

Burnt ends are first-rate.
Ribs are hit or miss.
Brisket is solid and I love the sauce.
Sides are good too. 

Arthur Bryant's

This is the OG.
Distinctive sauce, huge portions.
Burnt ends too saucy, no char. Still good but not my favorite.

Burnt End BBQ

Burnt ends are the star, ribs are good too.
Like the sauce selection, chill atmosphere.
Not as serious. Nice when you just want a sandwich.

The Gates Tier

Gates gets its own tier as might be amazing or it might be kinda bad. I don't know that it's fair to split the difference and just call it great—that doesn't quite capture it.
I've been disappointed with their burnt ends and their skimpy beef on bun.
The double decker beef (above) is legitimately great, the white bread is perfect for brisket.
I need to try the ribs. Fries are just okay.
I'm biased because this is what I grew up with, so I love the sauce and overall flavor.
Sam Mellinger described Gates as "where you might eat the best barbecue meal available in Kansas City but you might also eat the worst." So when I say hit or miss, that's what I'm talking about.

Solid Tier

Jack Stack

Beef burnt ends better than pork—both are not elite.
Like the ribs.
Also liked beans and potato salad.
Good but not life-changing. Confirmed this is not on the level of Q39 or Slap's.


The Z-man is the thing to get here.
Overall, their meats run a bit dry.
This place is overrated, but that sandwich is their saving grace.

Danny Edwards 

Only had the burnt ends.
Solid, not spectacular.


Places To Try

Blind Box

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Breaking down the movie "Draft Day"

This post is about the 2014 film Draft Day, including major spoilers.

I watched Draft Day last night. Before I can break down the football trades, I need to make a few comments about the film itself. The movie depicts the 2014 NFL Draft. The first problem is that the Seahawks own the #1 pick and need a quarterback. If you live in reality, you know that Seattle actually won the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson and was drafting #32 in the draft. Okay, so we're dealing with a fictional NFL, I suppose and Russell Wilson doesn't exist and the Seahawks stink. Fine. Except...when talking about presumptive #1 pick Bo Callahan, they say he's the most surefire QB since Andrew Luck...who was drafted in 2012 with Russell Wilson.

So the fictional NFL the movie takes place in is actually a Seattle dystopia where Andrew Luck exists but Russell Wilson does not. (The movie began filming in May 2013 after Wilson's rookie Pro Bowl season. Presumably the script was written before the writer realized Wilson would be good. I get it.)

So at the beginning of the movie, the Seahawks need a QB and all the experts say that Callahan is the obvious slam dunk choice. The Browns have the 7th pick. They went 6-10 in 2013, but were 5-1 before their QB Brian Drew got injured. Based off of that record, I'll infer that Brian Drew is roughly equivalent to Tony Romo. Drew has been rehabbing in the offseason, squatting 400 and throwing 15 yards farther down the field. So the Browns coach is happy with his QB and wants a new RB, Jennings, to run his offense. But there are injury question marks. The Owner wants to make a splash. The GM is considering going after Callahan, based around the premise that he is an Andrew Luck type QB that can turn a franchise around. The other player that the Browns are talking about is Vontae Mack, a linebacker from Ohio State.

One of the major problems with this movie is that it only introduces us to those 4 players. Jennings, Mack, Callahan and Drew. On the morning of the draft, the GM writes a note to himself. He doesn't show it to the audience until the end of the movie, but it has a players name followed by No Matter What. He then proceeds to trade with the Seahawks, getting the #1 pick by giving up three consecutive first-round picks (which includes this year's Browns pick at 7.)

Halfway through the movie we see that Callahan is actually kind of a douchebag, while Mack, Jennings and Drew all seem likable. Since those are the only players we know, it pretty much seems like it would be good for the Browns if they ended up with Mack and Jennings, keep Drew at QB and not draft Callahan. Of course, currently they own the #1 pick and gave up 3 first round picks to be at that spot. So it would behoove them to trade down if that's what they want, right? That is never discussed. In fact, the GM isn't even in the draft room when the Browns go on the clock! He's in his office by himself.

Maybe the movie could have introduced us to more players if they didn't also have a relationship angle where Jennifer Garner tells the GM that she's pregnant on Draft Day and the GM's mom shows up with the GM's dad's cremated remains and insists upon spreading his ashes on the practice field on Draft Day.

Anyways, so the GM sends in the first pick without consulting the rest of the draft room. And it's Vontae Mack. If it was Bo Callahan he could have still traded the rights to Bo for more picks to trade down and get Mack/Jennings, but nope. He mortgaged the future for this linebacker. Earlier in the movie there was a conversation that Mack would slip into the late teens if the Browns didn't take him at 7. (Mack had seen the Mock Drafts and personally called the GM. Apparently, no teams in the top 15 want a franchise-changing linebacker.)

So Bo Callahan is still on the board but slips to 6 because teams are spooked that the Browns didn't take him. The Jaguars are at 6 and could use a QB. But they're spooked about why the Browns don't want Callahan. Remember, to everyone in the country Callahan is Andrew Luck. So no teams in the NFL want Callahan because the Browns don't take him? Teams at #2, #3 could be trading the pick or taking the QB, but nope nothing happens. The Seahwaks still want Callahan but they don't contact the Jaguars at 6. Instead the Browns GM calls the Jaguars. They give up three 2nd-rounders to get the #6 pick. Now he calls the Seahawks. He threatens to take Callahan now at 6 unless the Seahawks give the Browns their picks back...plus throw in a punt returner.

If you're Seattle, there's no way you make this deal. If the Browns wanted Callahan, they would have taken him #1. Why would you be scared about the Browns taking him at 6? You keep the picks. That would have screwed the Browns. The Seahawks do not do this. They trade back the picks, give up the punt returner so they can draft Callahan at 6. Now the Browns are back on the clock at 7 and they take the RB Jennings.

The movie treats the Browns GM like a goddamn hero. He saved football in Cleveland.

But how did he really do? His second trade with the Seahawks just canceled out the first trade. He essentially used their original pick to take Mack, who apparently would have been there at 7 anyways. So that's neutral. Barely plus for getting a punt returner, I guess.

Then he traded three 2nd-round picks to get the RB Jennings. Again, this seems like a reasonable trade. Probably a lot to give up for one RB if you're the Browns. So I wouldn't be throwing this GM a parade.

Oh yeah and the note that the GM wrote to himself? It said Vontae Mack no matter what. Why trade three first-rounders if you want Vontae Mack so bad? Just dumb.

If he wanted to end up with Jennings and Mack here's a better way. Mack apparently was going to be there at 15. Jennings was still there at 7 and potentially could have been there a few picks later. Just move down from 7 to 15 for some extra 2nd-rounders and use those to trade back up into the first round to get both your guys.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Josh Allen will be a bust.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Before Game 5, the Avs were 1-13 in their last 14 games vs the Predators.

But...they were 1-0 in elimination games, having won game 82 vs the Blues.

Down to their 3rd-string goalie, missing their top defenseman, which trend would hold strong?

After losing Game 4 at home, the Avs coach tweeted this:

Now that's great and all...but it's a little silly, right. Like, you've only 1 out of the last 14 games against this team. You're going to back to Nashville. If the Predators win, it's Preds in 5 and no one would bat an eye. The only game the Avs won was the first home game of the series because of all the energy in the building, but Nashville is just better...you know? So the idea of See you Sunday, coach...that's a little silly.

So here's Game 5 last night:

Scoreless all game until the Predators get a soccer goal at the 6:00 minute mark of the video. Overturned in Toronto. Really, indisputable? I dispute.

And just like that there's 9 minutes left in the Avs season. It would have been very typical for Nashville to immediately score following that disputed goal, then add an empty netter for a final of 3-0 and Avs fans are like, but wait...this should have been 0-0...

But that didn't happen.

With 4 minutes left in their season, Rantanen finds MacKinnon who does all the work and drops the puck off to Landeskog on the doorstep. TIE GAME.

And then with a minute and a half:

See you Sunday, Coach!

Look, Nashville is the better team. I didn't expect the Avs to stretch the series to 6. So I'm still thinking the Preds close it out on Sunday. But even if they do...

The Kings and Ducks got swept and are already on the golf course. The fucking Wild are eliminated and have all offseason to do inventory of their zero Stanley Cups. And the Avs have another playoff game.

a terrible chiefs season isn't bad

This is year 1 of 3 with Mahomes starting on his rookie deal. With the tough schedule (1st place Chiefs get 1st place Patriots and Jaguars while last place Broncos get last place Texans and Jets. Though a little joke on Denver, if Watson is healthy Texans should be more like a division winner than a cellar dweller.) and Mahomes first season and a shitty defense, it entirely possible the Chiefs finish somewhere between 4-12 and 7-9. 

But that would just give the Chiefs better draft picks and an easier schedule for year 2 of Mahomes. They really are in the catbird seat. They could go to the playoffs (that's good!) or make next year easier (that's also good!). It's all gravy...but just for three years. Once you have to pay the guy, the advantage goes away. So yeah...no pressure this year. But the Super Bowl Window is the next three seasons.

getting psyched for the chiefs

Thanks to Patrick Mahomes, this is the most exciting offseason in Chiefs history. Now that the schedule is out, I thought I'd break it down.

- - -

Chiefs open the season at Stubhub Center in Los Angeles. Two years ago, the Chiefs opened against the Chargers and it was the biggest comeback in KC history. Since the Chargers aren't completely injured yet, could be a tough game.

Then they go on the road again to Pittsburgh. Steelers have had the Chiefs number, Pittsburgh should be a 7 point favorite.

The Chiefs home opener is against the Garroppolo 49ers. Two teams banking on their new QBs.

On the road to Denver for Monday Night Football. Mile High is never easy but feeling good about the state of the Broncos right now. Thinking I might be going to BWW for this ESPN matchup.

In week 5, Chiefs host the Jaguars who were this close to go to the Super Bowl. If they're as good this year...yikes.

Week 6 the Chiefs get the game of the week on Sunday Night Football: at the Patriots. Mahomes vs Brady. Chiefs went to New England and beat their asses last year during the ring ceremony. They might remember that.

If you're keeping score at home, those first 6 games are pretty tough. 2-4 is likely. 1-5 is possible. If they can get through 3-3, I'd say they're in decent shape. Week 7 they get the Bengals at home. Entirely possible the Bengals return to playoff form, but looks like the start of some home cookin'.

The Sunday before Halloween, the Broncos come back to Arrowhead. I was at this game last year.

Then a road game to Cleveland. I know the Browns are adding pieces, but this is a must-win.

Followed by a home game against the Cardinals. Thus concludes a stretch of 3 home games vs non-playoff teams and a road Browns game. Need to go 4-0 here to make up for a tough start.

Chiefs catch a slight break in that one of their road games is a neutral site in Mexico City. It's Monday Night Football against the Rams, who look like a Dream Team on paper. Chiefs have to face Marcus Peters for the first time. In Week 11, will the Rams have coalesced into a Super Bowl favorite or plagued by locker room cancers? Tune in to find out!

Then a week 12 bye to recover, have Thanksgiving with their families and get right for the last 5 games.

Chiefs return to Oakland, the site of that bullshit game last year where there were about 17 final plays. Coming after the bye, I feel good about this one.

Chiefs host the Ravens in December. I have memories of the Ravens being good but they're a little fuzzy.

Then 4 days later, another home game. The Chargers come to town. They say TNF favors the home team. Or is it favors the offense? Either way, two home games in 5 days will be big for the Chiefs playoff hopes.

In week 16, two days before Christmas, the Chiefs have another SNF game against the Seahawks. Who knows what to think about that...

Last game of the regular season, the Chiefs host the Raiders on December 30. I like my chances at home if they need a win to get in.

It's a tough schedule, especially in the beginning, but I think this offense will be up to the challenge.

As for the home game Hit List, I've already seen the Chiefs beat the Raiders, Broncos, Bengals and Cardinals. I've seen losses against the Chargers and Jaguars. And I've never seen the Chiefs play the Ravens or 49ers.

If I had to pick one game to go to I'm thinking either of these would be good:

Sunday noon against the Jaguars, October 7
TNF against the Chargers, December 13

Thursday, April 19, 2018

please grab a sprite

This was my absolute favorite clip when it came out. 

Just saw Atlanta season 2, episode 3 that opens with an homage to this. Well played.

Monday, April 09, 2018




Tuesday, April 03, 2018

2018 bracket recap

Cinderella finally wins it all. 

Just for posterity, because people won't believe it... here is Missy's winning bracket:

She was able to win by correctly picking Villanova to win it all and getting 4 out of 8 games correct  in the Sweet 16 round: Villanova, Texas Tech, Kansas and Duke.

Grant had 3 Final Four Teams correct, but had Kansas advancing, not Villanova.

March Madness/Calcutta Hall of Fame

Just as I've done for the Fantasy Football records, I figured it would be nice to capture the bracket and calcutta history.

March Madness Bracket Challenge
2018: Missy
2017: Mark
2016: Dave
2015: Savan
2014: Harrison
2013: Savan
2012: Mark
2011: ?
2010: Matt
2009: Dave
2008: Niraj
2007: ?
2006: Sakina
2005: Adam
2004: ?
2003: Nirali
2002: Aton

March Madness Calcutta
2018: Kirat & Matt (co-champions)
2017: Kirat
2016: Dave
2015: Niraj
2014: Mark
2013: Niraj
2012: Matt
2011: Savan
2010: Matt
2009: Niraj

NFL Calcutta
2017: Dave
2016: Mark
2015: Niraj
2014: Dave
2013: Mark
2012: Savan
2011: Dave
2010: Dave

NHL Playoffs Calcutta
2017: Mark
2016: Dave
2015: Dave
2014: Mark
2013: Mark
2012: Mark