Friday, September 02, 2016

32 NFL Storylines

For some reason, I'm even more excited about the NFL this year. Maybe it's because the Chiefs should be a playoff team, I don't know. Just looking across the league, it seems like there's something to watch for with every team. I thought I would go team by team with my thoughts.


Patriots - With Tom Brady and good coaching, this team is always going to be a Super Bowl contender. Can they survive four games without Brady?

Bills - Tyrod Taylor, McCoy, Watkins...could the Bills actually be exciting? They were 8-8 last year, is this a wild card team?

Dolphins - Will Tannehill continue to be mediocre or will ever break out?

Jets - This seems like a clusterfuck. Will they look competent at all?

Bengals - They were good last year but stumbled in the playoffs. Are they actually good or was last year a fluke?

Steelers - They've been under the radar for a little while, but seem capable of manufacturing a deep playoff run. Will they?

Ravens - Even more under the radar, but also have a history of bouncing back. Could they surprise people?

Browns - They're building something slowly. I doubt it, but could RG3 return to former success? What about Gordon?

Texans - Will Osweiler actually be good and give this team the thing they were missing?

Colts - Andrew Luck has got to turn into a top tier quarterback, this the year it comes together?

Jaguars - They're still a couple years away right?

Titans - Is Mariota a bust or a rising star?

Broncos - The returning Champs turn to an inexperienced quarterback. If he's terrible, how long before the defense loses faith?

Chiefs - Poised to take the division...can they execute? Can they get a playoff bye?

Raiders - With Carr, they're going to be good some day. Will they contend this year?

Chargers - How many great years does Rivers have in him?


Cowboys - Is Dak the future? How good can Dak, Dez and Zeke be this year?

Giants - Manning to Beckham. That seems fun.

Eagles - Seems like a rebuild is underway.

Washington - Another year of Kirk Cousins, will we like that?

Vikings - What could have been an up and coming team looks like a lost season.

Packers - Every year with Aaron Rodgers, they can be a Super Bowl contender. Yet he only has 1 SB appearance. Will he get back there?

Bears - How good is Langford? Still, yikes.

Lions - Never won a playoff game with Megatron. How good can they be without him?

Saints - Will Brees win the passing crown on a losing team again?

Bucs - Is Winston going to turn into a Pro Bowl QB?

Falcons - How much longer can Julio Jones be a dominant WR?

Panthers - Can they return to the Super Bowl?

Seahawks - Can they return to the Super Bowl?

Cardinals - They went 13-3, but Palmer and Fitz are getting old. Do they have one more playoff run in them?

49ers - They're bad, right?

Rams - How good is Gurley? What's it like to finally have a team back in LA?

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