Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trump's Insults Invariably Apply To Himself

Sometimes I think things are so obvious that they need not be said. This is one of those things that it is feel is obvious, and has been alluded to before, but lately I haven't heard this said a lot. 

Trump loves to attack and insult. And yet virtually everything he says is bad about other people applies to himself. 

His favorite thing to say about every news organization that isn't Fox is Fake News. He lies more than anyone and literally has fake Time magazine covers hanging up. 

He attacks the Washington Post for not paying taxes. 

He said Hillary was a liar. Unfit to lead. Corrupt. He said Hillary was Putin's puppet. 

He attacked Samuel L Jackson by calling him unathletic.

Here's what he attacked Comey with: 

This is the equivalent of an obese man shouting "Hey Fatty" out his car window. 

He's a bully with the biggest microphone and there's seemingly no way to call him on his bullshit. 

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