Friday, July 28, 2017

Mark Fever 2017

The last time Mark came I wrote "2015 was a short trip, but we jammed as many games as we could into it." That's a pretty good description for 2017 as well. 

He landed Tuesday afternoon and Brit picked him up with the boys and went to Legoland. I met them for dinner at Char Bar. Burnt ends, ribs, good stuff. 

That night we started in on games: Codenames with Brit, Ice Cool, Tsuro (gang war variant after boys went to sleep), Sushi Go, Burgle Bros.

Wednesday we went to Dave & Busters and did an Escape Room (The Cure: Prevail or Perish at Breakout KC) (We perished) and then hit Boulevard for a flight and then had Pizzeria locale before playing more games. 

Thursday we built an American Gladiators assault course with nerf guns and had lunch at Q39 before taking him to the airport. Mr Burns sandwich + ribs were big winners. 

Always a blast.

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