Monday, September 11, 2006

Good Thing I Waited 7 Months For This

What a terrible weekend to be a fan of Illinois Football or Kansas City Chiefs Football. The Illinois loss was to be expected. And it wasn't so much that the Chiefs lost, but how they lost, that has me depressed.

Which is worst?

1) That the new coach called for our average to below average kicker to kick a 51-yard field goal, on grass, in the rain.
2) That Larry Johnson had a active streak of 100-yard games (9). The record was at 14 and with last years team, there was no doubt he would continue that streak. That streak ended yesterday.
3) The new coaching staff ran these plays on the second drive of the game:

1st and 10 at CIN 16 (L.Johnson left end to CIN 15 for 1 yard)
2nd and 9 at CIN 15 (L.Johnson up the middle to CIN 11 for 4 yards)
3rd and 5 at CIN 11 (L.Johnson up the middle to CIN 11 for no gain)

4) That the brutal hit on Trent Green has put the 36-year old's status in doubt and we have no quarterback for the future.

5) That Larry Johnson is an absolute beast - everybody can't help but call him that - and it looks as if he will waste away on an aging, mediocre team and not carry this team to a championship. What is this? The 1990's Detroit Lions?

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