Sunday, September 08, 2013

Things I Think During the 3rd Quarter of KC-JAX

Things I Know

1. Jacksonville will not win many football games this year.
2. Blaine Gabbert will not be a starting quarterback next year.
3. Alex Smith is an upgrade, the best Chiefs QB since Trent Green, though that's not saying much
4. The Chiefs will win at least 6 games this year

Things I Think, But It's Hard To Know Because Jacksonville Might Be Historically Awful

1. The Chiefs D will be a top 15 unit, possibly top 10
2. The Chiefs O-line looks great, opening holes for Charles and protecting Smith

1 comment:

  1. Thing I thought:

    I'd love to see Andy Reid in the middle of the ring during a bullfight with that huge red windbreaker.

    I might be a bad person.